Pleasure Zone

27 May

Disclaimer:I am slightly out there(surprise!!)

So seeing that i have all this time in my hands i decided why not share my kooky side.
I treasure the small things in life that we tend to over look in this 24/7 non-stop life-style we got going on(yet they bring a smile to my face and some sort of weird satisfaction, you know, LOL!).

Here are some of them:

Scalp scratching: Have you ever had an itch sooooo good that you did not want it to stop?! I know we all have!
Have you ever scratched an itch that it atcually took your breath away?! I have!

Well, let me take you back: One thing i used to love when i was in High School was when we would sit outside on Saturdays and grease each other’s scalp while we talked about our boyfriends and our crushes(mine was Tevin Campbell- shut up i know i’m showing my age by revealing that!)
So anyway, we would sit outside and yap away.
My best friend at the time was soo good at the hair-grease thing, chics used to line-up just to have her do them.
She would first part your hair into 2 sections then, make thin lines across your head and give your scalp a good scratching before oiling. OH!! Twas divine i tell you!! By the time she got to the middle of your head, you were in a trance-like state…just strait-up mum!!
She was so good, you’d forget what you were talking about!!

I still enjoy a good scalp scratch especially when i go to the salon to get my afro washed. I always tell the wash-lady: “Put more pressure.”

Another way to experience a good scalp scratch is when wearing a weave and ladies you will agree when it gets hot under all that fake hair and you feel the itch coming on, and a nice thin knitting needle does the trick(no wonder my mom had them all over the house!)

Ear cleaning: Now hold on before you run off screaming: “Crazy!!” Hear me out.
Have you ever wet a q-tip with a bit of spit, put it in your ear, turned the q-tip around s-l-o-w-l-y and actually felt like you were about to experience an orgasm?? No?!! Oh, let me tell you.
Your eyes just roll back, your head tilts to the side,your body leans back,your mouth is open ever so slightly just enough to let you suck in a bit of air and your eyes are half-closed!! WHAT?!! It’s the best feeling yet!!

Scab Picking: When i was young and my badges of honor were the grazes on my knees and elbows, i used to love picking the scab. Oh just the thrill of pull the old dry skin used to make me look forward to the next fall. I was soo vicious that i would beg my siblings to let me pick at their grazes once the healed.
Oh, and did you ever pick at a wound that was not completely healed only for it to start bleeding again?! Yes!! that was fun.
Alas now i’m graze free, except for the occasional paper cut. *SIGH* i miss the good old days.

Body scrubing: I am have always had a love love affair with body scrubs since forever. I am not talking about those girly-so-soft scrubs, uh-huh i needs me some hard-core body scrub that makes you feel like your skin is about to peel off and fall on the bathroom floor.
I got this new Coconut Butter Body Scrub- it has bits of coconut husks in it and boooyyyyyy let me tell you. As you scrub away, you actually feel your skin getting hot…ahhh tis the best. By the time i’m done my skin is steaming like lunch-time brocolli.

And of course there’s the breast touch: Now i gotta say not a lot of men do not know how to handle breasts(can’t blame them though, it’s not like there’s a manual out for them eh?)
It’s either they grab them as if they are picking produce- squeezing ever so roughly or they knead them together like play-doh! That hurts, news flash!!
But once in a while a man will come along who knows what to do with my girls…

Ladies, you ever had a man who knew just how much pressure to apply on you all the while sucking and slightly nibbling on you?! And knows how to give your girls equal time and attention?! He doesn’t only linger on the nipples, uh-huh, he is on the entire breast sucking, licking, kissing and nibbling?!!

Mmh Mmh Mmh!!
I’m tingling just thinking about it.

[Deep inhale]

Let me just close my eyes and imagine…


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7 responses to “Pleasure Zone

  1. >d®

    May 28, 2007 at 00:29

    LOL @ picking produce!

    Glad 2 see you enjoy some of the weirder things like I do coz yo, that Q-Tip-in-the-ear feeling is the best! And, I left about 4 square-inches of skin from my shin on some rocks in NC last weekend and I can’t help but pick at the scab like all day long!

  2. Prettylyf

    May 28, 2007 at 17:28

    Thanks for the flashback. You’ve taken me waaaaaaaaaaayyyy back…

  3. Acolyte

    May 28, 2007 at 17:55

    You are not slightly out there, you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out there!
    I shall be praying for you. In the meanwhile I am sending you a box of q-tips and a coupon for a free scalp massage.

  4. kelitu

    May 29, 2007 at 13:19

    Thanx >d, i feel much comfort know that you is just like me. Ahhh i hear Micheal singing:”You are not alone…”

    Prettylyf: You’re welcome hon. Anytime.

    Aco: LMAO!! I need the prayers in buckets, tis hard being me. I’m camped outside my mailbox in anticipation to my goodies arriving.

  5. Aegeus

    May 30, 2007 at 10:26

    Some deviances you mention come quite close to what i enjoy. Haki and i thought i was waaaaaaaaaaay out there now i know i am a little way out there! Wah!!

  6. kelitu

    May 30, 2007 at 18:39

    Aegues: Lol! We are all out there, just varying in degree of “outness”

  7. Udi

    June 1, 2007 at 13:50



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