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…Goodness me…

I am sooo loving my vacation!!

So today i was in the water, and why was the soundtrack to Jaws signing in my head. You know… before the shark attacks.

Granted there were alot of people in the water and some were way ahead of me, i still kept thinking, “hope i don’t get nibbled by a shark!!” And this happened everytime i went into the water.

I blame Primeval for the hang-ups.

Yes i thot a croc was gonna jump at me too.



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Enjoy these jamz, while i try not to get a sun-tan…

Trust me, you’ll love them

Sina Makosa


Nitafanya nini

This is the JAM!!!

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One of my good friends is having aa small get-together later on this week and informed me that some trifling trick who used to be my good pal back in the day will make in appearance.
Ugh!! Words cannot begin to describe how i can’t stand this bitch! She is those jealous, catty, fake-ass people that i can’t stand. I don’t know why my friend is inviting her over when she has talked about her like a dog.

I trust there will be lots of fake-smiling and Internal eye-rolling going on!!

As long as she stays the hell out of my way, things will be cool. One false move or snide remark and i’ll cut her with the butter knife!!




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Riddle me this….

Why is it that when a guy realizes that you have moved on they try to make a reconnection?

Case in point, there this one guy who after i told him how i felt about him, he shut me down big time!! We had been messing around for a while back when we broke-up from his fiance and i needed someone to scratch my mini-itch going on.

Don’t boo-hoo for me, i finally got over him and moved on to a waaaayyy better and healthy relationship.

Before we went our separate ways, i had gotten some movies from him and even forgot about them

So he texts me 3 weeks ago, requesting that i return his movies. This was after asking me to return them like 2 months ago but our schedules were not clicking.The one time i had an evening to spare, not only did he want me to return the movies but accompany him for a night movie. I quickly shut down that offer and made up some story about having plans. I didn’t want to be in the same enclosed space with him.

Here’s the deal about the last time we went to the moves, i paid and he said that he would pick up the tab next time around. Anyway, we never watched much of it…. (fill in the gaps).  Avoiding temptation pit-falls at all costs.

After a few deep breaths, i decide we meet in a public parking lot, in broad daylight.  Boy am i glad!! The minute i saw him i was sooo grateful i moved on. He looked washed up!! Thank God that brand of weed i was smoking got recalled!! We chatted for a bit and i was on my merry way.

This past weekend, he texts me with some information i needed. Then he turns the story to we need to go for a movie… huh?!! “you know i owe you one bla bla bla…”

I think to myself, “Why does he need to go to the movies with me when he still has a “not-over-relationship” with his ex, not-so-ex girlfriend?”

Some men outta get shot!!