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In Other News

I need to quit drinking.

No, seriously, i need to. I can’t be nursing hangies every sato…something’s gotta give…like me giving up panic buying liqour after that last call for alcohol is made…just being plain greedy!!

I’m trying to salvage my relationship(s).
One guy is willing to talk, the other i don’t care if he talks and the last one, is still talking(but i ain’t listening).

Oh well…

Oh and t.v rocks…but i’m not that sober to realize. Come 7pm, i’m loosey goosey but gosh darnnit!! I’m done stocking my mini-fridge with wine and yogurt!!!

And….Soulo of Capital Fm still sucks!!!! Gosh, an un-monkey could do his job!!!
But i love me some Eve D’ souza though. She rocks!!!

I gotta go look for food, this yogurt ain’t holding off hunger like i expected!!


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It’s Official

Like a ref with a whistle…

I’m done with the 3 way dance!!

I am tired, exhausted, upset and everything in between.

First off, i am not built for more than one man at a time. So clearly i was under the influence of some drug or something when i opted for 3 guys.

It’s just too much work man!!

How do men maintain all their stories strait and still get out to meet more mamaz??

Anyway, i’m back to waving the “One man woman.” flag…

In other news, Facebook is the devil of the web…i’m addicted!! That’s why my baby(blog) has been neglected.

Oh and i watched the movie “Eastern Promises”. Nice!! I would recommend it.


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So far… i’m juggling 3 jamaaz.

Don’t give me that look?!

C’mon, men always do that to us All the time. So, why not…umm…. return the favor??!!

Gosh, this is hard work!! Sometimes they are all blowing my phone withing seconds of each other.

I guess it would be a bit too late to be asking for a simple quiet life eh?!

Oh well, fear not, i trot on with confidence!!

*whimpering* someone pray for me!!!


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so i’m still trying to recover from last night.

The last time i was this tore-up was 2 years ago when i was out in Cali for a 2week vacation… passed out in the shower, but i ain’t telling.

So, i’m home for a few days. Not zamunda… i used to be a southern gal… once upon a time.
So down south is home…yes i know i made fun of down south people to one guy…but it’s all love. I’m a full yank now so whaddaya expect??!!!

while i lay here in bed and try to recover. How much drama did i see at a kenyan after-party??!! I swear kenyans are the ish!!!

This jamaa was vibing some chic and then this other mama who was trying to nyundo-block yells out, “I fucked that guy!!”
How glad was i to see the melee??!!! Security got called, it was wild man!!

Yaani i slept in my rave clothes…i was that busted!!

Oh well!!

Enjoy the Labor Day folks!!!


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