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I miss Toni…

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Finding Me…

So it’s finally getting colder with each passing day. Brrr!
I love the change of seasons.
I have travelled to other parts of the country that don’t have season-change(mostly the south and south-west) and i did not like it.
I actually felt trapped in a matrix of some sort.
Everyday the sun was out blazing a clear blue sky- oh, i do have a thing aganist the sun in the morning,and especially that bright summer sun. Oh hell i hate sun-light, or rather any kind of light for that matter first thing in the morning.(i am not a morning person, if morning could start at around 10am, sign me up! My not liking of the sun in the morning has led me to invest deeply in heavy curtains for my bedroom.

Oh yeah, so i love the season change. Winter is my favorite,a chance to wear my cute parka. Oh yeah and shovelling snow. It is my only way of getting any exercise in, coz trust me the gym was not built with me in mind. I thrive in the cold. If i could get a winter-pass to Iceland every winter. People think i’m crazy coz i’m from Africa(all that sun and dry-heat). But hey! Some of us are different and we are out there…lurking…waiting…(dramatic music!!)LOL!

On other news: I went to the movies and watched Borat. I was delighted and disgusted all at the same time.
Last time i went to see a movie, didn’t see much of it. Was busy getting down with my movie date.(hey, look. I gotta have something to tell my grandkids huh? LOL!).

Then: I fell off the AA wagon-LMAO! Okay i am not much of a drinker but, weee maisha can kimbiza you at times and i need something to take the edge off (seeing that sex-with-strings-attached ain’t working out like i wanted it to). I find myself, almost every other night, infront of the tube with a smirnoff ice in my hand all the while craving a stiffer drink.
And on top of all that, i have joined a Bible study- trust me when times are hard black people turn to the LORD.LOL!

Who sang that song- “I will survive?” Diana Ross?! That is my mantra till the end of the year.

And finally: Thank you to all who keep stopping by here and reading and commenting. LOVE YOU ALL!


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