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To my ex…

I don’t even know where to begin.

I’ll start off by saying that i’m sorry.

I can never take back what happened. I’m tired of crying over spilled milk so to speak.

I miss you, terribly. It has taken me a long while to stop looking at my phone every 5 minutes for your texts or calls.

I miss being with you, talking to you. I miss us cuddling on the couch, in bed… with your hot hands 🙂 I miss having you as my man.

You’ve probably have moved on with your life and hardly think of or about me. That’s okay, i wasn’t expecting you to just sit around and mop since i’m the one who did you wrong.

Granted, i did enjoy flattery from other men but never did it ever cross my mind to break my vow of faithfulness to you. I shouldn’t have been so reckless with my talk, maybe i wouldn’t be where i am now but, maybe you didn’t trust me enough to believe that i would ever be faithful to you from the jump.

Nothing ever happened, nothing has happened nor is happening.

I don’t know and probably will never know why you thought that i would sleep with anyone else while being in a committed relationship with you.

I am putting this out there because i want to cleanse myself and stop carrying this heavy load in my heart. I want to move on. I don’t want to be alone anymore and i can’t be with anyone else if i still have you in my heart.

I hope that you are happy with whatever you do and whomever you choose to be with.



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