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What say you?

I was reading this article on how pro-athletes get plenty of play ass a result of… well being a pro-athlete. You could be buck-tooth ugly and just because you are a pro, women will be fawning all over you and even tell you how they would love to suck on your buck tooth cause it’s all sexy and stuff!!

Groupies are in every aspect of society, it’s the amount that varies. So don’t think it’s only Kobe who is getting ass, the chupa na ndebe guy is as well (on a small scale though).

The groupies are tenacious in trying to snag themselves a baller.

It must be hard to remain faithful, don’t you think? If you are getting women throwing themselves at you CONSTANTLY, every where you go!!! And you know these women come dressed in next-to-nothing type of clothing and are more than willing to bend over and show you a sample sale of the goodies even before you decide if you wanna be with her or not.

If you got approached by women/ men (i am being liberal here!)  who have killa bodies with food-stamp faces (aka butta face), would you budge? If she was hot body and face except for the ashy elbows and knees, you’d you give her a second glance?

Now my question to you is, are you as faithful as your options?


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Oy Vey!!

My comp keeps clearing my cookies and it’s such a pain cause i do not remember all of my passwords (i have like 6… or more of them, so i just have some websites remember my info coz i can’t keep up!!)

So anyway after a weekend of hard drinking, i end up spending the rest of the week fighting off a nasty cold.

Alas, i’m back!!

Ain’t nothing as bad as trying to get your drink on with your sneeze on. Doesn’t gel my friends, doesn’t gel! What is with the flu strains going around? They are lethal!! I couldn’t get out of bed on tuesday!!

But thank King Jesus for healing, i’m alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a sunny afternoon but i am not venturing out, it is way too hot for me.  Plus i am in no mood to comb my ‘fro. God knows it takes a whole lot of will power to comb it during the week, don’t think i wanna touch it over the weekend.

I’m thinking of doing cute matutaz for the upcoming week… i wonder what my boss will say??!!


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Don’t click if you are easily offended!!


Please, this is strait up X-rated talk…. NSFW!!!!


Hillarious 2… NSFW!!


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To fart or not to fart…

Now that is one loaded question.

Okay, so at what point do you get comfy farting in the presence of your significant other? I am not talking about married folk, coz after you say your I DO’s…  invest in a gas mask.

*insert Darth Vader breathing sound effects*

I heard some celeb say after 3 months, it’s okay to let it rip… but c’mon you know 3 months in celeb world= 5 years!!

It’s best to handle the biz in the bathroom but it’s kinda hard, esp when the two of you are kicking it.  You tend to keep going to the bathroom, let one out, come out and on the way back, feel the need to let out another one. So that’s where you get to squatting (while exhaling) in the bathroom and let all them little extra bubbles go.  Ahhhhh sweet relief!!

But sooner rather than later, once you get back to couch cuddling, you feel the need to gas up one more time. And now it’s annoying coz the movie can’t keep getting paused every time! So you hold it in till you feel the need to take a pee… not a good idea coz then a storm starts brewing… below. And it’s only a matter of time before disaster strikes. God forbid, a make out session starts while you are in this predicament and your thigh gets lifted….*explosion sound effects*

So i need your two cents in the gas jar….

How long does the charade need to last before the real weapons of mass destruction are unearthed?!



Great Googley Moogley!!

I know, i know… didn’t know the new year would get here that fast.

mama needs to get typing.

Got plenty of laughs for all y’all…. but now… i have a glass of red wine waiting for me and gotta update my facebook status!!

Happy Easter!!!


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