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There, i said it!!

1) When i was growing up no man was hotter than George Micheal.
When he was in WHAM and when he came out with the song “Freedom” in the ’90s. I could eat him alive!!
He was the epitome of sexy to me.
Fast forward a few years later and the coke and cock (and not necessarily in the order) have made him all washed up like a beached whale!!!
Oh he looks awful. The only thing i would want from him in this day and age is the number to his brow-guy. Oh, his eyebrows are to die for!!!!

2)Will Smith is another hottie that has unceremoniously fallen off my list- well he did when my hairdresser told me a few years ago that he is into the swingers and gay-lifestyle. Just like George M, the cock is doing a number on how he’s aging. Plus the first that he is now a practising Scientologist…(nothing turns me off like man who denies Jesus!!)

3)I think Lipstick Jungle is a good show. I wish it wouldn’t drag soooo much. Argghhh!!!

4) Common (the rapper) can get it any time.

5) I have faked several orgasms and subsequently lied when asked if i came. (Yeah, well deal with it!!)

6) While making out with one guy i have thot of another guy i was into. (Yeah deal with that too. You do it to us too fellas.)

7) Being in a relationship is making me become vulnerable and my insecurities are starting to rear their heads- sucks!!

8) I sure hope my boyfriend is happy to have me. (Seee, what did i tell you about insecurities??! Damn!!)

9) I’m in need of a new life…??!!

10) No, i think my life needs a new overhaul…just don’t know where to start. Mmhhh, maybe doing laundry will help.

11)Fattening food sucks!!…but how do i enjoy every morsel??!!! yum yum.

12)I may need new pillows… I’m tired of waking up with a strained neck. (pssst, it’s part of the new life regime that i need).

13) I need a stiff drink… but, I’m fresh out of vodka.

14) The liquor store is far… plus it’s Sunday.

15) I’ll have wine instead.

16) Breakfast is important, esp when you plan to start drinking early in the day.

17)I need to get my exercising mojo back… Summer’s around the corner and i made a wager. Homeboy, will have to pay me.

18) Sleep is good, nightmares suck!! I mean what the…???

19) I need to talk to Jesus. STAT!!!

20) I love you all for putting up with my mess. *kisses*


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Thumbs down!!

So the Giants won SuperBowl last night. Big Friggin’ deal!!! They are still a bunch of clowns to me.

I can’t stnad them and i hope they never come close to winning EVER again.

Now with that said, i do have a huge headache that needs to be tendered to… with some painkillers and some vodka!


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