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Roll it Gal

I love this song but couldn’t figure out who sang it!! Now that i’ve found it, can’t get enuff of it!!

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I came across a Numerology book this past week and all I can say is: WOW!!

It’s amazing how numbers tell your personality. I am not the type to believe any charlatan with something mystic to say, but this numerology book did open my eyes- a bit.

Kwa ufupi, your personality is matched to your birth number. If you born on the 8th of any month, your number is 8. If you were born on the 29 of any month, your birth number would be (2+9=11; which is 1+1=2) 2.
Yeah, there’s a little bit of adding up involved.
The birth numbers are 1-9, so if you was born on the 10th of any month, your birth number is (1+0=1) 1.

So, a little home work for those of you interested in finding your traits (positive and negative) as it relates to your birth number. Happy Unveiling:

Number 1

+ Ambitious, daring, generous, fearless, dynamic.
– Arrogant, selfish, cold, bullying, manipulating.

Number 2

+ Mild-mannered, considerate, peace-maker, persuasive, charming
– Petty, deceptive, hoarding, cruel, insincere

Number 3

+ Creative, popular, confident, articulate, musical
– Vain, dictatorial, self-indulgent, jealous

Number 4

+ Honest, disciplined, practical, loyal, steady
– Dull, crude, hateful, insensitive, melancholy

Number 5

+ Versatile, literary, curious, spontaneous, freedom-loving
– Self-indulgence related to sex, irritable, abusive

Number 6

+ Loving, magnetic, sociable, artistic, understanding
– Domestic tyrant, cynic, self-righteous, jealous

Number 7

+ Intuitive, refined, secretive, philosophical, probing
– Sarcastic, recluse, no depth, cunning, too critical

Number 8

+ Authoritative, conservative, executive ability, religious
– Greedy, power-hungry, intense, scheming

Number 9

+ Humanitarian, courageous, competitive, resourceful, spiritual
– Impulsive, argumentative, heartless, narrow-minded.


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Men Please

Next time your lady friend is giving you an oral favor, could you please stop grabbing the back of our heads in a vice-grip (with no room for movement) and pushing us all the way down.

It’s hard to work it, control my gag reflexes and breath at the same time.

I know what I’m doing! I will add more motion to it when I feel the time is right. Just sit back and enjoy!!
…Or i will be forced to bite and we both don’t want that. Do we now? mmh?


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