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Can you hear me now?

If you grew up like i did…in an African family setting (mud and grass thatched house, the scrawny-ever-hungry dog and the chickens with no hair on their necks) then you do understand where i am coming from with this…

The phone, the home-phone for that matter, was the 3rd most sacred piece of equipment in the house (after the Radio and colored Tv- most priced possession to date!!).

If and when the phone rang, life came to a standstill. With baited breath waiting to hear the response after the “hallo?”
Plus your small bro or sis beat you to it after the second ring, then proceeding to throwing them the dirty look.
Of course you would be dissapointed if it wasn’t your call (thanx to having no caller I.D.) Which makes me wonder the names that would pop up on the screen if we did. I shudder to imagine my 3rd cousin removed twice, mother’s sister husband twin calling to ask for money to come to Nai.

But i digress.

In short, i grew up respecting the phone.

Now imagine my shock when my boyfriend, a while back suggests that we indulge in Phone-sex.

“???!!!!” was what was going on in my mind.

I knew people did it and but had no clue as to how it’s really done.
I mean do i tell him am in sexy Victoria Secret lingere, while in reality i got on my Hanes 3-in-a-pack, tidy-whitey granny underwear with the no-roll waist band (okay seriously, why is that like band 5 inches thick??).

I told him that i was clueless, then he proceeds to tell me that it’s supposed to be virtual sex. I gasped!

“You mean that i actually have to *ahem* on the phone with you listening??”
“Ahh, yeah” he says laughing.

Now, i was thinking, if this was happening in the home setting (as detailed above), how in the world would that pop-off.
Lack of privacy is an understatement.
Case in point:

*The house-gal (maid) keeps passing back and forth with meals and clanking dishes. That is if you have a hallway phone, woe unto you if you only have the one located in the living room. Then she will ask loudly enuff that your sex-operator on the other side will hear, “Kelitu bado unata uji?”

*Mom has picked up the phone to call the neighbor/ best friend to gossip just in time to hear your man say “…then i want lick you slowly and hear you moan.” You know your ass is sleeping under the freeway… and we don’t even have those.

* One of your siblings wants to use the phone or worse, is waiting for a call. So they are constantly tapping your shoulder, or clearing their throat while tapping their wrists with their fingers ‘ati time, time’ (you know we ain’t got call-waiting).

Not that cell phone are better but, c’mon, it beats having that cord tangling you up as we as being tethered to that old dusty rotary phone…(ama we are the only ones who had that one as well?)

How did the hot-line loving go you ask?!

*big toothy grin* …says it all.


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