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Throw back

Now you know you are definately Kenyan old school if you can recall ANY of the following: Happy Trails!!

1) The Slumber bed tv commercial that had those people posing as the springs and then a skinny woman would get on the bed and they would dip slightly, then her fat hubby would get in and …boy did those springs ever dip!!

2) When KBC(then VOK), used to have cue cards for commercials. Remember the one that was a picture of a guy very drunk and siting behind the wheel of the car and the side note said “Do not drink and Drive” and they would play like the song: “Don’t drive drunk.”

3) When trying to get to the right radio station involved turning a big nob that was written “tuner” on top of it!

4) When KBC’s English General Service and Kiswahili Service was in MW and not FM.

5) Remember that song they played before the news was read? A horrible army like tune. Then that awful beep that followed. The announcer would then say: “Hivi sasa ni saa saba kamili. Habari kwa ufupi.”

6) Got late getting back to school at lunch time coz you were caugh-up listening to lunch-time music.

7) Tuned to Kiswahili Service at 3pm to listen to “Desturi ya Kombo.”

8) Michael Bolton was a hit. And your mom’s or one of your sisters had his tape.(yeah cd’s were a bit slow to get then).

9)The first 15 minutes of the Sunday evening news involved showing the former president, getting to church, singing hymns, listening to the preacher (bonus points if you can remember that preacher’s name) and then after church service,planting a tree or something like that. Now that was strait-up torture!!

10)Your daily weekday alarm involved on of the following songs:
a) Hata wewe mwanagu amka kumekucha, kwani hizi ndizo saa za kwenda shule.
b) Amka!! Kumepambazuka tena, twendeni tufanye kazi. Ujenzi wa taifa letu Kenya, latutegemea sisi.

11) Remember the following Kids shows:

a) Button Moon and it’s jingle: “We’re going to Button moon, we follow Mr. Spoon. Button moon, button moooooon.” Yes and Mr. Spoon used to have his own space shuttle and would end up on the moon.

b) Wind in the Willows and it’s jingle. Loved Toad(the misguided billionaire), the wise Badger and polite Mole. Oh and the thugs were the foxes and were always in berets and turtle necks. LOL!

c) The BBC show Rainbow.

d) Muppets on Acid aka Fraggle Rock. Oh those muffets were waaaaaaay cooler than the regular muppets on “The Muppet Show”. They had parties, lived underground, were always throwing themselves off cliffs and never got hurt…gosh!!

e) Mix them, Gather them. Yes it was a show from Coast and oh, it was painful but you still found yourself watching it. I think it was their accent that made it soo appealing.

f) Zama Zetu. And you know nyanya had a story up her sleeve everytime.

g) Kiini Macho. How that Indian guy had a show-contract for that long just lying to unsuspecting kids is one of the greatest mysteries in Kenyan tv history.


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Boy am i glad to be back on the web!!

What is it about the latest strain of cold/flu bug going round? What happened to the good old days when you’d feel a cold coming on, take something at 9am and by lunch time you were ready to cut class/ work to go swing on a gate just for the heck of it?!!

I tell you, after a few sneezes over the weekend, i couldn’t get out of bed for the last 4 days!!

Oh well, but now i’m better. And to celebrate my return to good health, i’m drinking a Smirnoff Ice!!

Oh, and i have lost about 3lbs as a result of being sick, but don’t cry for me Argentina!! The more 3rd world i look, the better i feel…someone call Vogue, i’m ready for my close-up!! LOL!!


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