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Hold it!!

Normal Blogging will ressume as soon as i:

1) Finish my stint in rehab,

2) Give the last rose to the final 2 contestants.

3) Get my Halloween goodies…I will be trick or treating in a neighborhood near you!!

4) When daylight savings end…i’m still owed an hour of sleep ya know (oh wait, i will be on the rave on the 3rd…yay! I see my $5 entrance fee will get me an extra hour of mwenjoyoz…smh!!


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Juggling act

I still insist that i’m drinking one less drink everyday…

Before Udi and Acolyte revoke my Playa Pass…I still got game…(or so i think!)

One of the guys i was “talking” to got mad at me coz he apparently felt like i was not reciprocating affections the way he wanted (ati i was not showing ma excitoz of wanting to see him).
So, he stopped calling me…can you believe this ninja?!!
Two weeks later, he calls me and explains…or rather justifies the reason he went all Cold-war on me. I thot there could have been something there, but that coward move he pulled just put me off completely. And yes i told him that.

He still insists that he pendaz me and would like to see where our relationship can go…*blowing rasberries*

Now the other one…why lie Kels is swooning big time!!

I really penda him and i even told him that…no, not the 3-words. I have told him that i like me- always had. He pendaz me too and he has told me so(so i’m not assuming here!).
Why are we not exclusive?! Well, he lives kinda far from me- errm i mean a few states over. I have never done a long-distance relationship…ever!! He is not to crazy with the distance too.

One of my gal pals thinks that i should give it a try…dunno though.

*heavy exhale*

That aside, It’s October (duh)and my birthday is next week….yay!! Another reason to drink!!!


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