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Someone call child services

I have been neglecting my baby for a hot minute.

Well see, wha ha happened was.. i’m over on twitter acking a fool that i barely have time to update my blog. Clearly, i now suffer from ADD thanx to 140 character limit. 🙂

There’s nothing going on in my life life now- relationship wise i.e no sex. I know i ain’t the only one in riding the B-train so scootch over and lets enjoy the “scenic” view till the next stop.

The weather sucks ass!!! Big time. Every other day, there’s a snow storm. I am tired of shoveling snow and slipping on ice day in- day out.

So while i wait for the snow to finally melt, i will be indoors for the next month or 2… till then catch me on twitter.

P/S: send me your handle and i will follow you ONLY if you follow back!


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