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Diet Diary

So, i’m on this strungi (black tea) diet. I drink about 4 or more cups of strungi daily,(it’s a good appetite suppressant you know).

Why am i dieting you may ask? Oh, sooo many reasons, not enough time. Well mainly because i’m vain like that.

Here’s the deal, i have wedding to go to(sadly it ain’t mine) 😦 and since i got my invitation last month, i have been dieting like crazy to lose a couple of pounds. I heard thru the grapevine (aka my perpetually dieting galfriend) that the protein diet is good, so instead of slaving over a hot stove cooking fish, steak and chicken everynight, i went out and bought protein shake.(Look, it’s the best i could come up with on short notice).

I have been gulping that shake like i in need to go into rehab (is it so delicious, i can’t seem to put it down. Is this how addictions start?) I then discovered that it makes me go to the bathroom a lot! Boy oh boy, i have been in my bathroom so many times,that it got me thinking… “i need to makeover this joint!” I am a clueless kind of chick when it comes to makeover stuff. Don’t get me wrong i can srew in a mean bulb, fix a leak and whatnot but when it comes to redecorating, i am as blank as a sheet of paper. So, if any one of you has the warm line to Nate Berkus…let a sista know.

So, back to my diet, i’m doing well with the strungi as well as the protein shake. I have cut down on eating a lot of junk food (coz i’m practically known in some take-away spots).
I wanted to add that extra kick to my diet and since i happen to have a deadly allergy to the gym, i have picked up walking (only during the weekends). So i prance around from block to block pretending to look busy or for a sale. I once tried to walk about in my winter boots (in my head i was going for the stair master effect) and lets just say it was not a pretty sight when i got home (um, i think the 31/2 inch heel was a little to much for the task).
Therefore, i decided to be a reasonable person and went and bought …Oh My Goodness…flats! I know i know,even i was shocked by the purchase,but everyone needs a fair chance once in a while. And guess what? I LOVE THEM!! I mean the comfort, the ease, i may be closer to the ground than before but who cares, i got my feet smiling and all thatgood stuff. Yeeii!

I have lost some weight,phew! about 5 pounds. My heart rate is pretty good, I don’t heave as much as i use to and i can easily catch my breath when i do a flight of steps. Hooray!

The wedding is still a ways off, which is good coz i get to lose a bit more, (i promise not to go for the Nichole Richie look) about 10 more pounds and promise to look my best at the event. You know i heard that there are good catches at weddings, mmhhh?!. Don’t give me the screw face, yes i am doing it for brothers as well, is that sooo bad?!


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TV Fan

Okay, so i know a few people who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, i on the other hand was born with a tv remote in mine.

I know there are a lot of tv fans out there, i mean with reality shows at an all time high…It not hard to imagine. But i mean i watch tv… i dissect, inspect and suspect the boob tube to a tee.

Hi! My name is Kelitu and i am a Tvnista by heart! A tvnista (coined from fashionista) is someone who is up and current on the latest tv shows(drama, reality and comedy) having a knowledge of future episodes yet to air and can fairly critic any current show.

Trust me i did not pick up this habit the other day when i moved across the Atlantic, this is an age-old tradition born and breed back in the former “City in the Sun” when we only had 2 Tv stations. I mean i loved KBC as much as the next guy, but c’mon! Thank God when KTN came about, all flashy and whatnot and shanurad City folk. I tell you their female presenters looked sooo pretty,bright and poised. I used to say, “When i grow up i want to be like Catherine Kasavuli.” KBC on the other hand had the gorgeous Ann Ofula (who in my opinion should have moved to greener pastures loong time ago). But the rest of the girls looked a bit dusty.

So that was when the flipping channel thingi started. Trust me there was no greater thrill than flipping between Vioja Mahakamani and Style with Elsa Klench. I could easily tell you about the fall gowns of Bill Blass and the defense strategy that the mshtakiwa (usually it was tamaa bin tamaa always caught up in some crazy drama) will be using, all in one sentence.

It was an all out war for the tv remote in our house, esp between my younger siblings and I.(it’s an Alpha female thing). So we fought, clawed and eyeballed each other just to get the clicker. It was sooo bad, that when i use to go to the bathroom i would go with the remote, incase one of my sibs had plans of a coup d’etat while i was away. It got sooo bad, that my parents eventually bought their own teli and left us fight amongst ourselves with the old one downstairs. Needless to say, i was the reigning champ.

When i finally left the nest, i guess i carried the habit with me. I am always channel surfing at any one time, even when i am watching the news. I gotta see who is going to get to the meat of the story before i begin to dose off. My pals can’t watch any tv shows with me coz they are always complaning about my flip-flip action, ati they can’t follow the story. LOL! Sorry but i can’t just watch one show from start to finish plus the commercials…i will go batty!!
I have been told to buy another TV set so that i can watch 2 shows at once… nope i don’t want to, i love the thrill of using one remote(is isn’t that the reason, why the remote comes fully equiped?!) and no i don’t have time for tivo as well. I am a here and now chick. I may record it but i don’t think i will end up watching, coz once the vibe hits the water cooler, it ain’t hot no more.

The most flipping i have ever done, was one Friday evening (bored to death and with no nite-out plans). I decided to watch 4 shows that were all airing at the same hour on 4 different channels. I was doing pretty well coz apparently i have noticed that nearly all tv stations run commercials almost at the same time. But then a srew up occurred, (2 of the shows i was watching were about aliens), so when i was over here browsing the investigative report going on, some sh*t happened on one of the alien show, and safe to say i go lost, i could back track on the tivo but then i would have to it for the other 3. So, i lost one show and the other alien thing was moving soo slow it lost me well… then i got pived and completely lost track of another show(it was a movie, i can’t even recall). By the time the hour was done i felt pretty bummed and very exhausted(this is hard work you know).I had nothing to share with my other tvnistas the next day. I finally realised that my limit is 3 shows and one of them has to be a reality show, that way i can pace myself.

So, next time you are juggling 2 or more shows, remember i am there with ya!


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Best Friends

Is there anything like a Best Friend? Really, is there?!

I was taking inventory of the people who I happen to call friends and discovered that not one of them…Not a single one, was in my opinion a close friend.

So, it got me thinking, do I have trust issues? As a matter of fact I do, thank you very much. For the past 2years I would say, it has been doggone hard to open up to someone. I am soooo paranoid that when one of my former roommates aske me to hang out with her, red flags went off in my head. “What in the world did she want with me?” I ask myself over and over. Well, she only wanted to kick back and talk about the past, and watch a Nigerian movie. (She’s a die hard fan!).

Back in the day,when i was young and foolish, having a BFF was a code to live by. I mean not only did we walk shoulder to shoulder all the way home everyday after school, but sharing goodies like mabuyu and barafu was such a delight. It was a crime, so unspeakable to walk around without your best friend in tow.

Sooner or later, we grew up and that was when the funk hit the fan. Smiles turned to sneers, the “I’m so happy for you dear.” became ‘that self-absorbed narcissistic b*tch.” Where did we go wrong?

I can’t tell you how many times that long 9 inch knife has been thrust into my back by a so-called Best friend. High School was the worst esp after my best friend turned aganist me and it was sooo bad it took years to recover.

What makes a secret keeper turn into a character assasin with the twinkling of an eye? Is it jealousy, envy? What?!!

I am not talking about man stealing because i can safely say that my choice in men has always greatly differed with all of my best friends. They don’t fancy my taste in men and i sure don’t fancy theirs. It’s the opening up part that kills me, i mean you share your hopes, dreams with your BFF thinking that they will keep it to themsleves only to hear someone utter something similar to what you whispered to your confidant in a public forum. I mean do some people get off on other people’s public humiliation?

So, after much heartache, i have come to the conclusion that, i am my own best friend and my “alleged” friends will be held at arms length at all times. That’s my story and i am sticking to it.


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Hi there.

I believe we haven’t met before.


Kick back and lets get acquainted.


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