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Get that monay honay!

I am a proud member of a website that is full of women without morals… hehehe.

Yep, i ventured over to the dark side.

The website is made up of women who sleep with men for money… oh wait, make that rich men for money and ain’t ashamed of it.

I stumbled about it a while back and i loved really all these sordid details these women who have slept with wealthy and sometimes famous men and some have even slept with the same men… i know i know… i LOVE it!!

So one time someone posted a question asking if you are sleeping with a guy for money(gold-digging) why not become a prostitute? Well lemme just say that people got to typing hard defending their ways of earning a living.

One lady stated that the difference btwn being a pro and a gold-digger is that she gets diamonds, trips and designer bags, trips, access to call him (aka priviledges). SOmething call-girls don’t get.

Another said that she is working her way up to getting wifed by one of her rich regulars (apparently, they love her).

Another stated that it’s called the pussy hustle and people shouldn’t hate on women who want to lay on their backs and get money and things by sleeping instead of a regular 9-5 job. A hustle is a hustle apparently, whether on foot or on your knees. 😉

Another said, “Why even bother trying to form like this fake relationship when all you want is money. You’re going to sleep with him plenty of times anyway why no just go ahead and get paid for it everytime.”

Then another said, ” closed legs don’t get fed.” This quote had me on the floor laughing.
So my question to you readers and lurkers, is their a difference btwn a call-girl and a gold-digger? I mean they all tried to get some bread, so why not dig for gold with the coochie?

P/S: Archer don’t talk about my blog design, i will shank back space you!! 🙂


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I know, i know i know…

I have been neglectful.

Just lost my blogging mojo jojo there.

I’m back and got loads to talk about. I’m going in on EVERYONE and EVERYTHING!!


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