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Where to begin

After a weekend of debauchery, i just needed to come & cleanse.
I came across a fellow ex-blogger (i’m not telling-okay Kaggz!) since she already outted me in Aco’s blog) but they used to rub people the wrong way.

So my hopes of staying sober were dashed, i wasn’t pissy drunk, just slightly tilted.
I was also on my best behavior coz i was impressing some guy *sigh*. He turned out to be a let down (no he didn’t pass out and have me carry his ass out) he started getting difficult on me (ati him & his mama got back together recently so he’s feeling guilty laying next to me). I was like “nigga pliz!!”
I left him at the next stop sign & got my groove on elsewhere.
He later apologized & expressed regret… as if i cared at that point. Ugh!

Meanwhile, i need funds to buy a new laptop, i can’t stand blogging on the phone! I’m currently accepting monies or a new/used laptop. Thanx.


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Awww men!!

I need to blog…seriously!! I got pent-up issues that i need to vent and release.

That damn facebook has me addicted!!!

I gots drama up the wazoo….

Watch this space…


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