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I’m wondering where do some men get off being all judgemental and stuff!!

Case in point; I was surfing this Kenyan website (no not Mashada, gave them up 3 years ago and have never looked back!! Thank you Jesus!!)
They have this section where you can upload pictures and stuff. So a few people have pics of random chics on there.
I tell you the venom most men put as comments has made me shocked, sad and pissed at the way Kenyan men view Kenyan women.
The sad thing: it’s the men who are more hateful than the women with their hateful remarks.

-If she is not all that, she is either luo or kale.
-If she happens to be pretty, she’s kikuyu.
-If she is fully dressed, they want her semi-naked.
-If she is in a bikini, she is better off naked.
Then some have the nerve to write that she is god-awful, mara she is beast-looking. I mean where the hell do you men get off telling a woman that she is a close resemblance to a primate?!! Have you looked in the mirror lately?!!
Why don’t you put up pictures of your own girlfriends and let other people judge. I wouldn’t be surprised most of them are shacking up with overweight,unhealthy, not-so-good-looking, out-of-shape women. Urghh!! That just pisses me off!

In other men news, i can wait to get my hands of the unauthorised autobiography of Tom-jumping on Oprah’s couch- Cruise…sounds like a tantalising read!!!
Knowing how much weight Tom packs in Hollywood, most of the regular tv shows will not be having the author on. But one little dusty radio show (that i faithfully listen to)will have him on next week. Can’t wait!!
Hopefully, something mysterious will not happen to him (the author whose name is seem to have forgotten) where he disappears off the face of the earth, like that dude who had Tom’s pictures in a compromising situation- with a another guy- was found dead in his home. Suicide they said…mmmhhh??!!


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This just in!!!

(sing -song)Someone likes me!!!

No, seriously…someone likes me!!

You may find it hard to believe, hell, i find it hard to believe too.

So there’s this guy who thinks he can put up with my nuttiness…(i know, i know, he needs to be checked out by a shrink ya?!)

He actually likes me to the point of wanting to date me.
…dare i say, “I may be off the market soon eh?!”

Okay this is all alleged coz trust me after spending a weekend with me, he may change his mind…lol!!

So far, i like what I’m hearing. But, you can never tell when someone lives far away.
Yes, shut-up! I know what you are about to say, and i ain’t listening *blocks ears and la la la’z…*
Last time i read cosmo (avid reader btw), long-distance relationships are IN. So when i don’t wanna see him, i don’t have to pretend to have a headache or my period to get rid of him, the distance is working 2 steps ahead!! lol!!!

I don’t know if I’m down for being ‘test-driven’ before actually being owned. I am more a VW-kind of chick, you know: “Sign then drive”
In case kiumane, oh well, ya ass is stuck with me and if you try to get rid of me…I’m leaving with half!!

He also happens to know that i have a blog. Which is some ways or other sucks coz now i have to FCC myself. Don’t want him thinking that i’m all out there like that, after all, i’m very much wifely material.
Which is funny coz we met on my blog!!! Yes, my life is one seamless adventure, ain’t it?!!

Oh well…let’s see how this unfolds!!

Happy New Year to all!!


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