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You know what’s really sad? Jamhuri Day came and went and i had no clue. I am seriously losing my Kenyan edge.

What do Kenyan artistes mean when they say the word majani? Is it money or is it weed?
Plus when they say that a chic amejipa is it that she self-pleasures or she has sex with a dude?

Clearly y’all can see i’m not up to par with what’s happening in the streets.

And speaking of losing more Kenyan edge…

When will some Kenyan men (speaking to those who are abroad) stop acting like asses and style-up?? Urgh!!!! I’M DONE WITH ALL Y’ALL MOFOZ!!
If a chic ain’t feeling your game, why do you go out and mud-sling her name to your boys in a drunken spree?!! Why can’t you just agree that things didn’t work out and keep it moving?!! Kwani you have to sleep with every chic you talk to and hang out with?!
Small minded men are such a turn-off. I hope the plague fall on ya asses!!!Mshindwe!!

Aahhh!! Now i feel much better. Thanx!!


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Will, will, will

He could get it!!


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