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Just when i thot i would never!

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and i become “that couple
You know that lovey-dovey, hand-holding, kissy-kissy in the store aisle while shopping. Yep, that’s us!!

Don’t get me wrong, i do not hate it one bit. It just reminds me of a time (when i was single) that i used to see such couples and i can’t tell exactly what about them that pissed me off.
Whether it was that look of love in their eyes, or the permanent grin on their lips, or that damn glow!
I used to tell myself, “I will never do that in public. I don’t need to let everybody to know that im soooo in love. Ugh and can these people move, they are blocking my path and i need to get to the soup aisle.”

I now realise that being in love will make you do such things.

So next time you come face to face with the kissy-hand-holding, “honey-can-we-buy-this” couple, be happy for them and…
smile, dammit!!

It ain’t their fault your love-life is jacked-up!


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Case of the B-C.

With Earth Day behind me, i can go back to slinging grease. Does the environment some good.

So we all have them, Bitchy-catty friends. If you don’t, then maybe you are the the Bitchy-Catty. Check.

Part of being in a new relationship, is letting your old, and not-so-old flames know that it’s a wrap.
Don’t be calling or texting my phone at 11pm on any random night trying to get some ass. No thanx, Kels done closed shop!

One male friend in particular is or maybe taking it a bit hard. If not, then he falls in the B-C category.
Right after i told him about my change in marital status(lol!).
His calls to me have changed drastically.
Right after the greetings he is like,”Urm, did i catch you at a bad time? Are in the middle of something or someone?”
It was funny the first time, but now it’s just plain annoying.

Take Saturday for instance.
He called me at 10 am in the morning.
Who calls you at that hour except your mom?! (my boyfriend does not even have that pass!!)
I answered the phone in a bored monotone. He quickly jumps to the conclusion that he is interrupting some morning glory of some sort (and i ain’t talking about the church kind).
I had to tell him that i am at work and hence the bored tone.
Then he goes on to ask me why am not out of town visiting my boyfriend. Who the hell died and made him the Minister of Transportation?
Of which i told him that is non-ya: None ya bizness. You don’t keep my sex schedule.

So, he gets to the point of his call…some BS that i could have done without.
Then tells me that since he is getting into work, he will call me later.

In my mind, I’m thinking later is like in the next 2 weeks or so.
How wrong was i??!!

I swear his redial was working overtime, because he called me ten minutes later, of which i didn’t bother to pick up and then 2 hours later, i ignored that too.
Then he called again at around 6pm.
I picked up, that was such a wrong move.

So he starts going on about how he was reminiscing about the wonderful time we had had together. I just laughed and told him to live on them memories.
He turns around and asks if i would be willing to give him another go ‘for old time sake’.
Who the hell does he think he is Freddie Jackson?!!

I politely decline and then he keeps pushing the issue, adding up scenarios that i know would never happen even under the strongest hallucinating drug. I still kept telling him “NO!”
Then he said, “Aki you, you are bad.”
I asked “Why am i bad?”
“Si, you have refused to come for my bash on Memorial Weekend and i have personally invited you.”
“Now why would i wanna come over, i told you i got plans.”
“I had invited you last year and you has semad that you would make it. I see your mano is getting a lot of your time.”
“Well, last time i checked you have a mama so what why you buggin’?!”

Before he could respond, i cut him off and told him that i had to get ready to go out.

On Sunday, he sends me a text. Sensing i would not want to talk to him. Asking how my day is. I told him that i was back from a late lunch early dinner (of course i didn’t say with who). Then he texts back “You mean you man is mtaani?”
I didn’t even bother to respond.
I think he got the message.

My good friend, whom i share most of my goings on with, couldn’t believe it when i told her. She was like “Oh he is sooo pathetic. And the way i had given him marks for being grown. Thank God you are not dealing with him.”

My friend also think that I’m too passive.

Am i?! Should i have jumped on his throat, cussed his ass out and stuff?! I like to give someone enuff rope to hang themselves, so to speak.
I have no feelings whatsoever left in regards to him or what we sorta had. Why let him get under my skin? He is soo not worth it.


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I’m done…

…With being green!

Tired of all that light-energy-saving, green-be-the new-black, making-my-blog-look-like-something-i-had-for-lunch bull-ish.

Dammit i want something FAT and GREASY and i want it NOOOOWWWWW!!!!


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