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Riddle me this….

Why is it that when a guy realizes that you have moved on they try to make a reconnection?

Case in point, there this one guy who after i told him how i felt about him, he shut me down big time!! We had been messing around for a while back when we broke-up from his fiance and i needed someone to scratch my mini-itch going on.

Don’t boo-hoo for me, i finally got over him and moved on to a waaaayyy better and healthy relationship.

Before we went our separate ways, i had gotten some movies from him and even forgot about them

So he texts me 3 weeks ago, requesting that i return his movies. This was after asking me to return them like 2 months ago but our schedules were not clicking.The one time i had an evening to spare, not only did he want me to return the movies but accompany him for a night movie. I quickly shut down that offer and made up some story about having plans. I didn’t want to be in the same enclosed space with him.

Here’s the deal about the last time we went to the moves, i paid and he said that he would pick up the tab next time around. Anyway, we never watched much of it…. (fill in the gaps).  Avoiding temptation pit-falls at all costs.

After a few deep breaths, i decide we meet in a public parking lot, in broad daylight.  Boy am i glad!! The minute i saw him i was sooo grateful i moved on. He looked washed up!! Thank God that brand of weed i was smoking got recalled!! We chatted for a bit and i was on my merry way.

This past weekend, he texts me with some information i needed. Then he turns the story to we need to go for a movie… huh?!! “you know i owe you one bla bla bla…”

I think to myself, “Why does he need to go to the movies with me when he still has a “not-over-relationship” with his ex, not-so-ex girlfriend?”

Some men outta get shot!!