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8 things…

I was lurking on some blog (sorry can’t recall the name) and decided why not…

8 things i have a passion for:

  • Food- duh?!! who doesn’t?!
  • Sex- again who doesn’t?
  • Solitude- when i want my space, i want it N-O-W!! I love being by myself and enjoy my own company. I maybe a people person, but my best friends will always be: me, myself and i.
  • Humane treatment of animals- i ain’t no tree-hugger but, gosh darnit if you gonna put down an animal, can you do it with some sort of respect?
  • My brand new laptop- it’s all shining and new and i love it!!
  • Sleep- they don’t call it beauty rest for nothing. We have all had a cranky day brought about by a few hours of zzz’s. (…and a hard night of drinking, but let’s stay focused on the sleep part ‘kay?)
  • My new boyfriend- cause he’s all lovey-dovey & good to me. And hello, he’s new don’t you know!
  • Languages- given a chance, i would love to learn as many languages as i can stand.

8 things i’d like to do before i die

  • Be Spiritually enlighten. I really need to harness my inner man. We fight way too much and it keeps me restless.
  • Own a Bentley- and not just one.
  • Travel around the world (okay to the places with great hotels and spas),. I ain’t no back-packing kinda chic. Heck no i ain’t camping under the stars, sleeping in a tent, taking in the raw air. Only raws i partake in is sex (sometimes) and salad…and in that order.
  • Get married, and…
  • have kids- haven’t settled for a number yet.
  • have mind-blowing sex with the Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson. I can dream can’t i?? *sigh & drool*
  • Be a size 0 (scratch that, with my big ass, don’t think that will ever happen, oh well…)

8 books i have read

  • They were all James Patterson. 😀

8 movies i have watched 8 times

  • Who in the bloody heck has all that time to watch a movie 8 times??!. The close i have come is Bad Boys 2 and Usual suspect (and that coz i was high watching it the 1st time). 8 is a bit extreme.

So there you have it, Kels world in a New York minute.

Now if you excuse me, i got a novel i gotta go finish or may just sleep instead….


Posted by on June 9, 2008 in Mumblings