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yeah i haven’t been able to blog for a minute….

btwn the recession and drama filled relationships my friends are having, my stalker being back and not taking NO for an answer and O.J. Simpson finally going to jail….  i can’t keep up!!

i am only one girl from the slopes of Shimba hills!!

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I know, i know i know…

I have been neglectful.

Just lost my blogging mojo jojo there.

I’m back and got loads to talk about. I’m going in on EVERYONE and EVERYTHING!!


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Are you for real?!!

Happy September everyones and everyones.

Okay, so with all this Obama talk going on, one of my acquaintances said THE most dumbest thing i have heard…so far.

She said that she will NOT be voting for Obama because… are you ready for this?…. He is part Luo.

She is ofcourse Kikuyu…

Yep, i am at a loss of words. I mean how do you respond to such a statement?!!


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…Goodness me…

I am sooo loving my vacation!!

So today i was in the water, and why was the soundtrack to Jaws signing in my head. You know… before the shark attacks.

Granted there were alot of people in the water and some were way ahead of me, i still kept thinking, “hope i don’t get nibbled by a shark!!” And this happened everytime i went into the water.

I blame Primeval for the hang-ups.

Yes i thot a croc was gonna jump at me too.



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One of my good friends is having aa small get-together later on this week and informed me that some trifling trick who used to be my good pal back in the day will make in appearance.
Ugh!! Words cannot begin to describe how i can’t stand this bitch! She is those jealous, catty, fake-ass people that i can’t stand. I don’t know why my friend is inviting her over when she has talked about her like a dog.

I trust there will be lots of fake-smiling and Internal eye-rolling going on!!

As long as she stays the hell out of my way, things will be cool. One false move or snide remark and i’ll cut her with the butter knife!!




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I’m thirstay!!

It’s been 2 weeks since i last had a drink.

How i stumbled upon these pics is beyond me…(okay i went looking, ok?!)

How am  i craving a cold one??!! Since being here i only do spirits (the beer here sucks!)

How i wish i could find a Pili in the Liquor Store….

*heavy sigh*



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Wow, just wow!!

Ma Brodaz and sistoz oh. Enjoy oh!!



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