Don’t be an Hindiot!!

21 Aug

In the wise words of Mocha the following people qualify for the DBAH Awards:

1) Any person who has been in stato for more than 5 minutes already knows that when going to a jungu/akata rave, there’s a dress code that’s strictly enforced.
So how one of my pals ended up wearing sneakers and a baseball cap knowing exactly where we were going is beyond me. So you can imagine we got frozen to get in.

How pissed was i??

And nothing makes me more mad than dressing up to the nines and not getting to show off. He is yet to get in touch with me and i will rip him a new one when he ever does. Oh and did i happen to mention that it’s same dude who stood me up for the movie…so you know his three strikes are up and his ass is out!!!

2) Those dudes who do the Chit-Chat show with Eve D’souza.
Is it Solo & Alex or something of that order?
My goodness, what a block of dumb bricks these dudes are…WTH?!!

There was this chic who had emailed to say that her mano kissed some other chic in the rave and when she confronted her mano he had the gall to say that he was drunk. It’s like he tripped and fell on some foreign lips.

Those numb-skulls were talking as if it’s not a big deal, ati there different kinds of kisses, so the dude may have been consoling/ greeting a chic he hasn’t seen in along while.
Do they actually getting paid?! They should be the poster-children of the importance of kids staying in school.

I wish Eve would have duct-tape with her and just tape their mouths shut till they have something clever to say.

3)Some guy who was trying to katia me (and he has a mama). I dismissed his storoz. Not just because he had a mama, but also the fact that he’s one fat-ass guy who drinks too much and smokes way too much.

Complete turn-off!!


He moved out of state a while back and apparently he’s coming back for some funky with his famo.
He sends me a text at 4am to tell him that he will be in town and we should do lunch.
WTH??!! 4-in-the-friggin’-morning!!
It’s not like he moved to Hawaii where i can forgive him for send me a text that late.And even that is still not an excuse.
Anyway, i’m busy wall-staring and refusing to eat(tis still for losers ya know!!) </em


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3 responses to “Don’t be an Hindiot!!

  1. >d®

    August 23, 2007 at 08:57

    Ha ha, 4am TXTs, huh? Wow. A booty text, that’s what that was!

  2. Udi

    August 23, 2007 at 11:38

    As for the club, gichungi some people

  3. Msanii_XL

    August 23, 2007 at 12:58

    Should told him to wait for you in the car…LOL.

    Beer bellys need love too…


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