Mo’ drama

11 Aug

Y’all should know by now that when i go quiet, it means there’s some drama a brew.

Where do i begin??!!!

Remember the dude who i told you had a love jones for me(turns out to be the same dude who stood me up for our movie thingi?) I was talking about him to a guy pal of mine who came to the conclusion that the dude is stalking me.

Which, is slightly true coz the guy is relentless in pursuing me to the point where i do get a weeee bit worried.
But that’s a story for another blog…

So, here’s the ‘T’ for now:

There’s this guy who used to mess with a cousin of mine a while back. Things never worked out for them. But she was deep in love with him and he…well, he had issues coz he had a mama at the time and it was complicated.

When i finally got around to meet him, i had heard so much about him that i hated him on site!! He didn’t like me either so, it was all good.

Fast forward a few years later, we ran into each other. We exchanged pleasantries and caught-up with each others lives.
Then we exchanged numbers, of course i wasn’t expecting him to ever get i touch with me.

But he did!

We talk, casual talk, nothing serious.

He called me up a few days ago to tell me that he will in my neck of the woods and we should hook up.

No big deal.

Just for back-up i brought one of my gal-pals…

We met at the rave hanged out and had a good time.

So when he’s walking us to the car, my pal who is so high is loudly saying that me and this guy should hook-up.

“Kels i swear this is the man for you, gal!! Stop looking. He’s the one.”

“Oh hell no. Uh-uh.”

“No, you should.” she’s still insisting.

“Gal, it’s very complicated.”

Then he jumps in and said. “Yeah it’s complicated.”

Then i broke away from the group to go get the car and left them two talking.

When i got to the car, he comes running leaving my pal to fend for herself(at 4 am i may add). I’m sitting on the driver side and he knocks on the window.

Window rolls down.

“Yaani you just gonna leave like that, bila goodbye?”
“Si i see your working your charm on my pal. I ain’t trying to nyundo-block for nobody.”
“Ahhh it ain’t like that.”
Then he quickly changes the topic.

“So am i getting my goodnight kiss?”

I tell you, men are amazing!!
Did he fall down, bump his head and forget that he was involved with family?!

“Nah. I can’t do that man.”

“Okay. Can i kiss you on the cheek?”

So i turn my face so that he can kiss my cheek. Kiss on the cheek. Then he grabs my chin and tries to aim for my lips… i move back.

“Weee, ebu relax man. Don’t start something you can’t handle.”
He breathlessly replies: “Si i wanna french kiss you.”

I roared in laughter. “Trust me, you don’t want to go down that road with me.”

Thankfully, my pal reached the car and got in.
All the while he still trying to whisper some mess in my ear.

“Aight, we gotta go. You drive back safe. Sawa?”
Nonchalantly he replies. “Sawa. I’ll call you.”

Mutters under his breath. Walks away from the car.

He calls me an hour later, ati he wants to come to my place.

I laughed.

(I guess the call of the wild was on-lol!)

Told his horny ass to go sleep.

While driving back, i told my pal the down-low with him.

Oy! This just keeps getting interesting…


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6 responses to “Mo’ drama

  1. Nakeel

    August 12, 2007 at 06:27

    Eeh what was that jamaa thinking? He has never heard of family cords. Am loving these dramas.

  2. gishungwa

    August 13, 2007 at 03:28

    poor boy, and to think he had hopes has he not heard of girl-loyalty might not apply to all but to some of us it does. Keep them coming and the stalker too.

  3. Msanii_XL

    August 13, 2007 at 09:41

    We is amazing alright…i can only smh..

  4. >d®

    August 13, 2007 at 10:41

    “… fall down, bump his head and forget that he was involved with family?..” Reminds me of Eminem asking whether she “..tripped, slipped, landed on his d*ck.” Funny!

    Hilarious, overall. We sometimes say & do the damndest things, 4 real.

  5. kelitu

    August 14, 2007 at 13:59

    Nakeel: I guess he operates by a different morse code.

    Gishugwa: I may need you to start a round-the-hour-clock prayers.

    Msanii_xl: wipe that grin off. And give me pointers on how to be an efficient playa!

    >d: True true, the male species is a few sandiwiches short of a whole picnic.

  6. Udi

    August 14, 2007 at 14:52

    LMAO. I swear, i live in a different planet. coz maybe the jamaas I know cant pull a stunt like that. but then again, some jamaas I have seen in clubs seem to lack some marbles in the brain


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