Jason’s Lyrics

06 Aug

I watched Bourne Last night and i must say it was good. I like the knuckle fight scene with the assassin in Tangier and the Manhattan car chase was off-the-chain!! I couldn’t help though but wonder what was missing. You know it’s like when you make stew, you taste it, you smack your lips and say:
“Something’s missing…”

That’s how i felt when the movie was over. Maybe it’s just me…i dunno.

So my movie date stood me up… Ebu someone gasp!!

Here’s the deal. I called him up and we made plans for 7:30pm. This was around 5:45pm or so. So i finish my grocery shopping then went home to spruce up.
(oh did i mention that some Naija dude approached me while i was putting my groceries in the car and told that he wants to speak with me?! What a creep!! In this day and age of kidnappings, last thing i need is some dude stepping up to me near my own car.)

But i digress…

I get to the theater around 7pm. Then the guy calls me 10 minutes before the movie starts and asks me where i am? ALA?!! What’s he smokin’?!
I’m like: I’m at the movies. You on the way?
Then he proceeds to tell me that we should catch the 8pm movie coz he suddenly discovered that he has a flat tire.

I’m like dude, why didn’t you tell me earlier? We could have rescheduled?!

Then he starts to explain himself. At this point i really can’t hear a damn thing coz i’m soooooooooooo freaking livid i can’t see strait!!

I told not to even bother showing up and hang-up (okay i has someone on hold on the other line).
I went up to the counter, paid and went in.
Lucky, while i was on the line, i spotted a chic i know that i hadn’t seen in years. So we chatted for a bit and decided to be each other’s date…phew!! I did tell her about my no-show of a date and she felt sympathetic.
That nucca or rather ninja(thanx XL) better be glad that i love Matt Damon. He soothed me…a bit.

By the time i turned my phone back on after the show. I had 6 messages and 3 voice mails…from the dude. He was apologising and trying make it up to me.

Not to worry, his punishment has been secured.

It will be short and very severe!!


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3 responses to “Jason’s Lyrics

  1. Nakeel

    August 8, 2007 at 06:15

    The last time I heard of flat tyre I had to check if I had not been overlapped. I hope the punishment was administered.

  2. kelitu

    August 8, 2007 at 11:07

    By the way you are the second person to tell me that!! MMHHHH

    He is already doing time so, not to worry.

  3. Prettylyf

    August 8, 2007 at 13:20

    Pole about the no-show. I can’t wait to watch Bourne Ultimatum. I’ve a ‘mild'(read huge) fascination for Matt Damon


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