Tube Review

02 Aug

Now that summer tv is about to end, boy am i glad!! 7 weeks and counting…

Here’s a quick review:

I have been running my Public Television Station rugged!! And as a result, become a fan of “Last of the Summer Wine”

Someone in need of a serious beatdown: Chris Hansen.
Okay, so it was fun watching him catch online predetors. Now it’s just done right annoying!!
He has become a one man-sting opertation. He’s off in China cathing people selling fake drugs and running all over the country trying to nab i-pod thieves!! Chris, you just asking to get punched in the face at this point!!

And speaking of Dateline, how dare they get rid of Stone Phillips?! Wasn’t he the line in Dateline?!! That Ann Curry needs a shot of personality…what a bore!!

Tyra’s moving her show to the City(as if that will help!) Guess she has clearly run out of ideas in L.A. And why is she always trying to remind us that she was once a supermodel every chance she gets?!! Why is still on tv?!! I guess to show us that Beyonce ain’t the only one weaving lace-fronts.

The View has hired Whoopi as one of it’s host- YAWN!!!
I stopped watching the show after Star was mercilessly axed out. Not because of the fact that she was the only black lady on the panel, but Star was the ‘view” to View. Drama up the wazoo!!
First, she was soooo damn fat, then went under the knife and lost a ton of weight, then started blinding us with her humongous ring from her very queenie fiance, followed by all the hoopla about her nuptuals…(and you know ain’t no ounce of strait in that man she calls a husband!!)Oh! What was not to love about her!!…I was sopping it all up like a biscuit!!!

Fx’s new show Damages is to die for. I love it!! I am hooked. Until they change the writers and the cast. Then, i jump ship.

All reality shows at this point need to be lined up and shot one by one. Can you believe Big Brother is still on! I mean, what point is it on by now, Big Bro 150?! Ugh!!


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3 responses to “Tube Review

  1. Prettylyf

    August 4, 2007 at 11:07

    I’m right there with you counting away those 7 weeks…grrrhhh

  2. kelitu

    August 4, 2007 at 15:59

    Glad i ain’t the only one!

  3. boyflani

    August 6, 2007 at 03:55

    omg! i gitch nothing-less thea!


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