26 Jun

How sad can my life get??!!!

I skipped church on Sunday(shut-up! I am a faithful church goer and member). So i skipped church to hit the mall. I have a bash to attend(non-kenyan thank God!) and the dress code is pretty strict- gotta have the independence colors.
That is some hard ish.
Why is it that when you are looking for something specific, it’s quite rare and when you don’t need it, it’s in plenty?! I have never looked for the red,white and blue like that?!!
So to get rid of my frustrations, i swung by an Adult Store- I’ve never been to this particular one though it’s situated on a major highway.
The first thing that greeted me was a mannequin wearing a strap on- hallo!!! What a welcome i tell you!

So i went round back to check out the rabbits section(thanks Medusa). They have a great and wide range of them-sizes and colors.
So I’m standing there deciding if i should get one.
Why you ask?
Coz this sista hasn’t had some in a minute and driving the B-train is getting a little old.

Am all for self-love and all but, i just don’t see how i’m going to lay they spread-eagle with this AA battery tool all up in me.
I’m sorry i just don’t have the heart.
So i thot maybe i would get it and polish up on my head skills- not that i have any problem in that department, but we can always aim to be better than we already are, right?(someone better say AMEN!)
But such acts just add on to my hunger pangs. So, i opted out…for now.

They did have some pretty good stuff(kinky ones) and i will be back for a few purchases in the near future(okay in two weeks, coz like an eagle, I’m zero-ing in on some unsuspecting prey-lol!)

I did finally get something to wear for the party though. I will take pics and post them up.

In other news:

I do have a bit of a snafu going on though. There’s this guy who has a thing for me(like a huge thing with like love and stuff all up in the mix). I always shoo him away and encourage him to date other chics coz I’m not feeling him like that.
So we had a big fight jana over text and i thot that i was home free i.e. we will never talk again and i can finally be at peace. The dude sends me a text at 7am today say that i am one of a kind, he’s forgiven me and it’s all good. I wanted to toss my phone out the window!!

I will blog about him another time. It’s a tale and 3/4.
Right now, humidity awaits!!


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6 responses to “*sigh*

  1. Msanii_XL

    June 26, 2007 at 16:22

    LOL @ the whole post, piff.

    “Self-love”…ha ha way to keep it PG..

    I feel for the unsuspecting brother about to be friend zoned…back side blitz wham!!

    Oh and AMEN. strive to excel

  2. gishungwa

    June 27, 2007 at 05:42

    This BT vibe is old. Looking forward to the next stop. Self-love, that i find hard.

  3. kelitu

    June 28, 2007 at 11:41

    Msanii: Homeboy won’t know what hit him i tell you. Lol!
    And thanx for being the choir i preach to.

    Gishungwa: I guess you have never come home in rare form(i.e drunk) and caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. Turned around, blown kisses to yourself, winked and called yourself a “hot-sexy-catch”. Proceeded to slowly strip, while giving yourself coy-naughty looks. Posed (likea supermodel) to take in every inch of you, then turned down the lights and loved yourself right?! Then you should, it’s amazing!!
    …Or maybe that’s just in my world…

  4. Quintessence

    June 29, 2007 at 18:31

    VIVA Self-love…it makes the BT a leetle bearable!!!
    Can I toss my phone with yours?
    If you are serious about needing to speak to a Psychologist see me kando!

  5. Acolyte

    July 2, 2007 at 23:22

    I try and keep my heart and mind pure. No adult stores, porn or strip clubs for me!
    Now it’s of how with you? A dude is throwing himself at you and you are the same mama who is complaning about how they are no men. Urgh women!

  6. Princess

    July 4, 2007 at 03:18

    So what’s wrong with the dude??


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