Still alive

17 Jan

Despite contrary reports, i will most definatley make a good mother when i have my own kids. Sorry my blog baby.

Yes i’m back- from vacation. Tooo much going on(like having to clean out my fridge),too much to write(reports, resumes, wills) and little time available(finally dawned on me that there are 24 hours in a day!! damn!!).

I’m staying clear of talking about my love-life (trust me enough people have heard about my boo-hooing about it so…)it’s being starved to death!

Since i am a tvnista in my mind, i will talk about the second love of my life- TV SHOWS!!
First off: Tv sucks nowadays, I mean WTH?!! I am about to slug the tv. Did someone fall asleep on the control buttons over at the station headquaters?!

I can’t believe 24 is back… who got Jacked for that show to come back?! Jack Bauer has more lives than an alley street cat!!
Someone in FOX please kill this show. I don’t understand that despite all the ’24 fans’, Keifer has been outshown twice by Hugh Laurie for Best Male Actor in a Drama Series!! Mmm…hallo!!!

PrisonBreak will be back Monday *mini yawn*. Don’t get me wrong i loved this show when it 1st came out and i never missed an episode, but after the break-out, they have been stretching the truth i alittle bit too much- they are insulting my inteligence(or rather what’s left of it!).

Didn’t watch much of the Golden Globes but the fact that Beyonce did not win- i was thrilled!! I am tired of her!! Go J-Hud!! And she (Bey C3PO)needs to lay off the bronzer, she was looked like the tin-man had rolled himself on the yellow brick road only J-Lo looks good all bronzed up.

The Office is still good but, but it’s starting to veer alittle to the left. That’s the problem when a show becomes popular. The style changes. I liked it more when it was only four people watching-me included- and the execs where contemplating axing it.

I don’t do House anymore, Dr. House is not limping and on a rotten mood like he was before…BLAH!!

My favorite show-Justice- is MIA and i can’t seem to get a report from FOX where it went. I knew things were narrow for the show when it was moved from Monday to Friday- (if you don’t know, any show that gets slated for the Friday Primetime Slot after previously being on the must-see tv days (Mon-Thur)is halfway out the door).

American Idol is back- yet again for a 6th season. Crap! My ears are already beginning to bleed.

Top Model- boy they killed me when they brought that British Version. I mean i love my brits like i love my gays but jeez, those brit accents are killa!! I couldn’t understand half of what was being said.

I am about to pass out of hunger. Gotta and actually sort out my thots for the next blog entry.


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5 responses to “Still alive

  1. Milonare

    January 17, 2007 at 20:05

    Hey Kelitu

    Sup sup…

    Dont hate on 24. My hero there’s Chloe O’brien!

    Ati mpaka youve hated on Idols? Assi?

    Where were you during the KBW new years meetup? Not like I was there but….

  2. Acolyte

    January 19, 2007 at 00:06

    Been sometime since I was here. Hope the clean up of all areas life and otherwise went well!
    I dont watch much tv at all but what I do watch sucks balls!
    I am enjoying the new 24 season I must admit.

  3. Princess

    January 19, 2007 at 13:36

    I am glad that I wasn’t the only one who was jubilant that Beyonce did not win anything at the Golden Globes!!

    I have to agree that tv has very little to offer. I would rather read a great novel than watch tv!!

  4. kelitu

    January 19, 2007 at 16:38

    Hey Milonare: Idol has become so yuck! Not fun. Si i knew that you were not going to be there that’s why i didn’t show up.

    Acolyte:Trust me by week 5, you’ll dismiss that show. Thanx for stopping by.

    Princess: Aww thanx for agreeing with me about Beyc3po. Yay!

  5. egm

    April 1, 2007 at 10:56

    The other day I tried watching tv, and I couldn’t last 1 minute. I have just completely lost any desire for it. Nothing worthy, and like Princess, give me a good book any day over that!


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