27 Sep

1)As anyone noticed that there’s a shortage of black actors on this years Fall line-up of shows? And they are being replaced by guys with Brit accents? Wssup with dat?!

2)Now that “Big-twin-sister-in-my-head” Toni Childs has left Girlfriends, i don’t care much for the show.

3)Is it me or is Jay Z more of an insecure rapper than a savvy business man. Since being prez of Def Jam he has screwed over New York based rappers in favor of southern rappers. Is he scared the competition is too stiff in the NYC? Soutern rappers are good, don’t get me wrong. But they can never be the King of New York. Same way a New York rapper can never be King of the South. For you Jay fans out there, i am not hating but think about it:
a) Nas’s album has been pushed back more times than i can count.
b) He is not promoting any other rapper who is on the label(like a CEO should) instead he is in Monaco making videos for his album.
c) I thot he retired, why he need another album and a tour for? Who is watching the home front? (Def Jam).

4) Prisonbreak is about to give me a cardiac…the drama is too intense…aiii!!

5) I love Justice, it’s like Law&Order on speed.

6) Don’t you just love Dateline’s: To catch a Predator? Those men just crack me up. I love they way they always say that it was their first time talking to a minor online despite sending photos of their genitals.

7) Why do those Top Model girls look like trannies on a Friday morning after a hard nights’work? Just tore up from the floor up?!!

8) Is Sunday back to being your favorite day of the week (like mine) now that Football season is back?


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4 responses to “Mmmm?!!

  1. spicebear

    October 6, 2006 at 12:45

    i’m not much of a football person – sunday has become my day to run errands cos there is nothing to watch on tv. that includes girlfriends – i watched it for a total of 5 minutes before i changed the channel. boring, boring boring. if it lasts another season i will be surprised.

    jay really needs to retire IMO. i think he is following the trend of trashy hip hop cos the powers that be realised that people will buy nonsense like laffy taffy and it’s going down. ugh, me and readio are done for that reason.

    the people on dateline are sad, i like the way htey always sit and talk to the host. why don’t they try and make a run for it? it’s like htey want to get caught.

  2. kelitu

    October 6, 2006 at 12:48

    Spicebear: friday night at 8pm nothing can tear me away from the tube, i love watching those weirdos being interviewed. What craCks me up is the way they say ati they have come to talk to the chic and make sure that she is fine home alone…and they have carried condoms.

  3. Shiroh

    October 9, 2006 at 08:17

    It would be very boring to watch foota all the time. I wont hate on Jay Z now. If he has retired, well let him retire. He was accross TZ last week. Heard B was there too and further rumours were Rihanna was also there. Cuandos Seas Mia in the making there.


  4. Udi

    October 11, 2006 at 16:50

    Jay can stay in the rap game for as long as he wants. We just want Nas album to be released. I am tired of not having any new CD to listen to.


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