11 Aug

So it’s s slow, extremely slow Friday. Nothing to do in the office other than play solitaire (the bosses are away)…hurray!!

Random thots of the day:

So if you had plans of snatching up Beyonce’s man, think again. Beyonce will scream in your ear and give you a headache- (well she is from the ‘burbs of Houston and so cannot hold her own in a cat fight). Bey is slamming her mini-me Rihanna (aka Rihyonce)on her song ‘Ring the Alarm’ or so insiders say. I don’t know why she is complaining because compe ni compe roho safi. Her mantra is that she will not leave her man(who is a certified playboy) because he buys her things. WTH?!! You will stay with a dog coz you don’t want the next chic to end up wearing a chincilla coat?? (Thank God for the agriculture classes i had in primary school, i can skin the rabbit myself and make that damn coat!). Plus Bey ain’t that much of an angel herself. I say, let them duke it out and may the best blonde weave…ahem, girl win!

Oprah is still trying to convince everyone and herself that she is strait. LOL! Oprah please!! Trying to attach Steadman to your side with crazy-glue ain’t gonna make us beleivers. Your tales are legendary!!

So Diddy is a daddy for the 3rd time running. Only this time it’s a baby girl. The person i feel sorry for is Kim Porter who is such a doormat for that man, it’s amazing how she is able to walk upright. It was worse when he dumped her for a public affair with J-Lo and went on to make 2 songs about her after they broke-up, then he goes on and has a kid with some chick…DAMN!! That’s gotta hurt.

Once in a while i will tune to Capitalfm and get to know what’s all going on in the motherland. I gotta say, that station has changed alot…and not for the best. The presenters hardly have any personality. Has someone ever told them that it’s radio and not tv so we can’t see them?! So the personality has to be on point so that the listeners can get the picture in their minds. First off those accents they have on? They have got to go. WTH?!! It’s not British nor American. Who coaches those people?! I miss those days of Phil, Zain, Bob and Jo. Now that was some good radio. You would laugh your heart out and enjoy some good music. Now i will pay them $20 just to keep quiet and play music non-stop.

On my way to the bank today, i came across a fatal accident. The guy had been on a bike-with no helmet- and he had been hit from the back and was lying dead on the side of the road. I got shivers when i saw that. I feel sorry for his family. Be safe out there people, you only have one life.

After hanging out in the office for 3 hours staring into space, it’s finally time to go home!!! Enjoy your weekend.


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5 responses to “Random…

  1. Chatterly

    August 11, 2006 at 15:33

    You are right about capital fm, presenters have the personality of a bucket…have been listening to them for some time eishhhh.

    nice weekend!

  2. Nakeel

    August 12, 2006 at 12:31

    Capital presenters wuuuuuih we going to call scream makaratasi and hang up.. They suck…

    So Baby B will pull a cat fight on poor Ri….

  3. The Devious One

    August 12, 2006 at 21:46

    Ive said this time and time again them capital peeps take out the personality in the phrase Rasio Personality !!
    They are soooooooo predictable, their accents are non placeable I do agree….I like listening to capital on Fridays coz they play some ol skool and Nini Wacera trying to sond sexy is a another story all together ( insert devious shoving her whole hnd in mouth to induce gag reflex !! )

    Beyonce & Rihanna…..hmmm will get back to you on that one either kesho ( after making ten raos in the city since Im an active member of DINI YA WAZALENDO ) and I need my sleep cpz jogging and chapain a 10 pound drum at the same time in this humid heat is no joke !!!!

  4. kelitu

    August 14, 2006 at 11:27

    devious one kwani you are a member of dini ya musambwa/ wana wa israeli?!! LMAO! i feel for you. Enyewe bole bole hiyo ni mambo ya obbozition.
    I agree Nini wacera is a a whole entire blog by itself…damn! It’s one thing to have a husky voice, it’s another to try and force on on air…

  5. spicebear

    August 17, 2006 at 03:49

    i stopped listening to capital online. thier chatter is so meh! i don’t know where all these people are found – i hear better banter at the local.

    that beyonce song makes my ear hurt. she should’t have recorded that album in two weeks cos it shows. even the part for the chinchilla coat had me going huh? you’re 25 for goodness’ sake, wacha vituko!


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