21 Questions…not literally

06 Apr

Musically Speaking…

Why can’t Eminem stay married to his baby mama?

Can Mary J Blige stick to singing and never try to rap again… ever?

Is Hov still retiring from the game?

Isn’t JadaKiss the most under rated rapper in the game?

Can Keisha Coles outsing Beyonce?

Isn’t the Wu the greatest clan ever?

Who lied to Jada Pinkett-Smith that she could pass for a rocker chic?

What in Karuiki’s name happened to Ja Rule?

Is R. Kelly still coming out of the closet ama the lock has jammed?

Is it safe for the fugees to get back together?

Isn’t Kci (Kci &Jojo) the poster child of the harmful effects of madawa ya kulevya?

Can somebody please give Michelle Williams(Destiny’s Child) a bagel with cream cheese?

Isn’t GGGG the most over rated unit ever?

Why do all D4L songs have the same beat?

Is Usher still in the confession box?

What happened to Diddy’s gal group from ‘Making the band 3’?

Does Dave Chappelle do a better impersonation on lil’ Jon than lil’ Jon himself?

Are the Pussycat Dolls America’s lame answer to the Spice Girls 10 years later?

Isn’t ‘Tical 2000-Judgement Day’, one of the best album’s ever made?

What’s up with Lil’ Kim’s lips? Was she bee stung?

Doesn’t that song ‘Grillz’ just stick in your head after hearing it about 20 times in one day?

Who’s the real King of the South?

Are you fresh azimiz?


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10 responses to “21 Questions…not literally

  1. Movie Buff

    April 6, 2006 at 13:34

    Ja Rule better stay wherever he is… no one misses him… For real!!

    Keyshia has a lovely voice, needs to find better music and I dont appreciate what she said about Fantasia…

    Grillz….. URGH! Can’t stand it

    G-Unit… SHINDWE

    Jay Z will never retire… just like Pac albums will continue to come out…..

    Mary-J… he he.. lets not go there!

    Jada Pinkett… LOL… She needs to stop!…. she is a mess!

  2. kelitu

    April 6, 2006 at 19:50

    movie buff you are hilarious! ati g-unit washindwe…hihiihi hapo umenena.Kwanza firy afunikwe na gunia.

    Keisha is tooo gangsta, she has beef with all r&b chics so that is expected of her.

    I used to hate grillz lakini nowadays..i turn up the volume everytime i hear

  3. spicebear

    April 7, 2006 at 00:44

    i don’t know what posessed mary j when she decided to rap – she should make that her first and last attempt!

    d4l irritates me to no end. i have refused to lean with it or whatever it is they tell people to do nowadays.

    ati firi should be covered with a gunia? lol. i see him going the same route as jah rule, he’s going to be a punch line in a couple of years

  4. Brother Jero (BJ)

    April 7, 2006 at 15:03

    TI is the undisputed KING of the south, without a doubt. After that headbanging song (what you Know bout that), he is the King 4sure in my books.

    As for Beyonce, plse girl, Keisha Coles is a mirage has nothing on my girl B.

    Did you GGGG is the most overated unit, I just want to know what you’re smoking.

    Finally its my first time here and you have tickled my interest. Sure to hit you again. Have a pleasant evening.

  5. Acolyte

    April 8, 2006 at 15:37

    1.kwani they have divorced again?
    2.I feel you on that!Her verse was whack!
    3.He is like an African president!
    4.I dont think so!
    6.Not without ODB!
    7.I think she has spent too much time with white folk!
    8.Who cares, Jah sucked all he could do was duets with mamas!
    9.R.Kelly is a gone case!
    10.Only if Lauryn is sane!
    11.True true!
    13.Hell naw!You’re just hating now!GGGGGGG G- Unit!!!!
    14.Coz they follow the same formula as lil jon and yin yang twins!
    15.I dunno
    16.He probably trashed ’em like the original band!
    18.I think so
    20.more like botoxed! for me daddy!Now look what you’ve done!
    22.The jury is still out for me!
    23.Oh hell yeah!
    Nice post!

  6. kelitu

    April 8, 2006 at 16:20

    @bjero:oh no not another B fan?! I used to like back in the days of bills,bills,bills. But she has become sooo over exposed that i can’t stand her, but i do repsect her hustle.

    @acolyte: yaani your the only one who answered my last question…lol i see you bro, i see you.
    those lil’ Kimani lips are waaay beyond botox…

    @Spicebear I don’t know why people hate on Ja Rule and firy is headed the same route, si he is singing as well. You can’t compare the 2 cds, get rich was raw, but that massacre was like a ballad. I am just saying…

  7. Milonare

    April 9, 2006 at 07:18

    The Wu rocks and Method rocks even harder!!!!!

    Guys shouldn’t hate in Kels, closet notwithstanding. Y’all got to admit brotha got talent!!!

    Am out of the loop on KCi. Jamaa deteriorated tha way i loved his singing (Kiraitu mouth notwithstanding)…

    Those pussy cat dolls are mob yet only one seems to do all the singing!!! The rest hang around in videos doing ma aerobics!

    Chapelle has really insisted on Lil Jon LOOOOOL

    And thanks for dropping – yaay!!

  8. kelitu

    April 10, 2006 at 12:06

    milonare: where did you get that red avatar?! I LOOOOOVE red. he was my fav character in cow & chicken…although the cartoon network here sucks big time. i wish they would bring him back.

    plus, i love meth, he is (to me) the best Wu member out there.

  9. Milonare

    April 11, 2006 at 10:12

    Same here Kelitu!!!

    Cleopantsless aka CD Hiney aka Doctor Seymour Butts alias Officer Pantsoffski is my fav character of all time!!!

    Check out:

  10. kelitu

    April 11, 2006 at 18:43

    Milonare, you better quit with those memories of officer Pantoffski…LMAO!! I wish i could burst out laughing but seeing that i’m in a meeting, i’m about to reach into my pocket book and take out a stick of gum.


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